Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FFX Wave 2 Preview

I experimented some with Kimahri's dynamic battle pose, but it had too many overlapping planes. In my working model, he's supposed to be holding a spear. Most of his body works out well, but the fingers and toes could cause a problem. Mindy might be fragile since she's so spindly and she'll need some sort of stand.
Update: I just finished layouts for these models too. I'm driving home tomorrow from UF, so I'll have access to a color printer.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

FFX Wave 1 Beta

I'm 99% sure these are buildable. I've testbuilt most of Seymour already. I'll post the instructions soon, if you need them. Let me know if I need to correct any mistakes. I included Pepakura PDO files to serve as rudimentary instructions for now. Thanks.

Note: Do not attempt to build the beta models. I will release improved final versions in the near future.

FFX Wave 1 Preview


This is a preview for my first set of models: Seymour and Sandy from Final Fantasy X. I'll post finalized versions as soon as I testbuild them.